Rookie Rugby presented by AIG Launches Instructional Video Series

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – Rookie Rugby presented by AIG, USA Rugby’s award-winning flag rugby program, has launched new instructional videos showcasing rules and basic play on a youth level. A safe and fun alternative to tackle rugby, nationwide schools, clubs and community organizations are adopting the program as introduction to the growing sport.

“Rookie Rugby has been successful in schools for over a decade,” USA Rugby Youth Manager, Mike Lovinguth said, “With club and school teams on the rise, Rookie Rugby was the fastest growing USA Rugby membership category in 2017.”

Played with flag belts in place of tackling, the directives of Rookie Rugby tie together child development, healthy activity, fair play, fun and safety. Rookie Rugby is the official start of the USA Rugby player pathway and has seen encouraging interest across the country.
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The series of videos are hosted on the Rookie Rugby webpage, where any user can download and view the resources, free of cost. Videos include a full outline of Flag Rugby, as well as videos highlighting the key skills of passing, catching and flag pulling. “Pre-high school rugby is a key for the sport’s progression in the USA,” continued Lovinguth, “these videos will encourage teachers, coaches and parents get involved.”

USA Rugby partnered with Rugby Canada’s Rookie Rugby program, Roll.Focus Productions and the Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation to produce the video series. Rookie Rugby is USA Rugby’s flag rugby program for boys and girls of all ages, looking to experience the sport.

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