ADVANTAGE offerings available to Local Referee Organizations with new partnership

USA Rugby Referees are pleased to announce a partnership with ADVANTAGE™ Rugby Referee Development System to provide the software at operating cost to Local Referee Organizations.

The video-based software is unique in that it supports and develops referees throughout their careers, from the outset to the highest level of international officiating. The system – based on strategic and tactical competencies – covers 10 units.

ADVANTAGE™ allows referees to upload video of matches and create playlists, tagging the video which collects the data from the match. The system employs a special feature that enables the color-coding of teams to easily identify trends. The referee can also tag errors or make comments about decisions to assist in their development.

In addition, reviewers and coaches can also be assigned to matches. Referees and reviewers share a playlist; both can tag the video and record data, identify errors and add comments, and comment on one another’s playlist items. Also included is a message board to share clips from the playlist with members to discuss and find solutions for better group application and direction.

When the playlist is complete, competencies achieved are selected. The system provides brief explanations of each competency to provide guidance. The competencies allow the referee, reviewer, and coach to identify the areas well refereed and the areas in need of development.

“With the system available to all match officials, ADVANTAGE™ provides opportunities for the community to learn from one another and work together to improve refereeing across the country at all levels,” USA Rugby Referee Development Manager Marc Nelson said. “The positive approach of the system through identifying competencies rather than only errors is a more natural process to improve performance.”

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