Q: Who do I list as a Certificate Holder?
A: Simply put, whoever is asking for the certificate. Almost always, it is the person or entity who owns the field on which you play or practice. List the full name of the person or entity and the address where we can mail the certificate. Example below:

City of Los Angeles
Parks and Recreation Dept.
C/O John Smith
12345 Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 91234

Q: What is the difference between a “Certificate Holder” and an “Additional Insured”?
A: As our policy is written, USA Rugby is listed as the “Insured” party. This includes all of USA Rugby’s territorial and local area unions, USA Rugby registered clubs, members, referees, coaches, committee members, volunteers and administrators. All entities (field owners, sponsors, etc.) requesting insurance coverage through our policy are considered “certificate holders”.
Some places do require to be listed as an “additional insured”. This then makes them an “Additional Insured” meaning our policy will provide coverage as a result of negligence on the part of our USA Rugby Named Insured’s as their interest may appear. The standard wording offered on our certificates states: “The Certificate Holder is added as an additional insured but only in respect to the liability that arises out of the named insured’s activities or operations.”

Q: What if my school or university requires a certificate with special wording or a special endorsement?
A: There is a space provided on the certificate request form for such information. If more space is needed, just include the wording on an attachment and submit this with your original request. (Please feel free to contact the National Office if you need further explanation regarding endorsements.)

Q: What do I put for reason for certificate?
A: It is not essential to complete this item. You may check “field owner”, “sponsor”, “tournament” or “other”, and describe in the space provided. This information is not required in order to issue a certificate, it simply provides additional information.

Q: Will I get a copy of the Certificate?
A: All insurance certificates are issued directly to the holders. If you would like copies of all certificates issued on behalf of your club, indicate so in the space on the request form.
Please Note:
It is very important that you get your certificate requests submitted in a timely manner, so that we can be assured enough time to get your certificates to their holders in time for any given event. It takes time to verify compliance and get the information passed on to our processor where they in turn issue the certificates.

Q: Am I eligible to receive USA Rugby liability insurance coverage?
A: The liability insurance coverage is automatic for clubs and members that are actively registered (CIPP enrolled) with USA Rugby and abiding by all USA Rugby policies and procedures. All members of the club, to include players, coaches and administrators should be registered, and the club itself must have an active registration with USA Rugby.

Q: Who is covered on this liability insurance?
A: The named insured is USA Rugby and all of its Territorial Unions, Local Area Unions, USA Rugby registered clubs and registered members, coaches, referees, volunteers, committee members and administrators. The USA Rugby Members policy provides 3rd party liability insurance, otherwise defined as defense against lawsuits resulting from claims of negligence arising out of an accidental bodily injury and/or property damage while an insured is acting within the scope of their responsibilities on behalf of USA Rugby during a sanctioned USA Rugby event. It covers you if you hurt someone else while playing rugby, such as a spectator or visitor and it covers any incidental (but excludes intentional) property damage caused by you or your club during an event. It does not cover player versus player injuries. Vandalism to property would be considered an “intentional act” and therefore not covered under the policy.

Q: How does this benefit my club and me?
A: What members should understand is that the owners/operators of most all fields and facilities will require a large liability insurance policy such
as this to even allow a club access. Without such a policy in place, most Parks & Recreation Departments and other public fields and facilities, including meeting spaces, would be off-limits for use. Independent insurance would be very difficult to obtain, as insurance underwriters are generally unwilling to write coverage for stand alone rugby operations. Most clubs are dependent at some point in the season on public facilities, even if their home pitch is on school grounds and already covered.

Q: How many USA Rugby registered members do I need to have on my club to qualify for this coverage?
A: Insured parties include registered clubs and their registered members, registered coaches and registered officials, but only if the registered club has 15 registered members and event or practice or competition is sanctioned with USA Rugby. The coverage also extends to volunteers of USA Rugby while acting within the scope of their direct responsibilities on behalf of USA Rugby. Clubs MUST have 15 registered players.
(If you need the certificate before you are able to enroll 15 members i.e. to secure a field for a tryout or fundraiser, please contact the National Office.)

Q: How much does this coverage cost?
A: The cost is included with your USA Rugby registration fee at no additional cost to you or your club. We offer up to five certificates per club; any certificates beyond these five will cost $25.00 per certificate payable to USA rugby.

Q: What are the limits and liabilities on this policy?
A: The primary General Liability policy is written on an occurrence basis with the following limits:

  • Each Occurrence: $1,000,000
  • Aggregate per event: $3,000,000
  • Participant Legal Liability: $1,000,000
  • Personal Injury: $1,000,000
  • Fire Legal Liability: $ 300,000
  • The Excess Liability policy is written on an occurrence basis with the following limits:
  • Each Occurrence: $4,000,000
  • Annual Aggregate: $4,000,000
  • This policy is “following form” which means it provides excess limits to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the primary General Liability

Additional exclusions may apply.

Q: Can these limits change?
A: We are always willing to help your club anyway we can. Please contact the National Office if you need to request alterations to this policy. However, depending on the adjustments needed it will most likely be an additional cost to your club.

Q: As a coach, am I covered for any liability in the case of an injury to a player on my club, or to an opposing club player?
A: The coverage provides legal defense should a coach be sued by a player in event of a player injury. Coaches are insured under the General Liability policy.

Q: As a referee, am I covered for any liability in the case of an injury to a player on either club in a match I am officiating? What about a referee assignor or other administrator who has responsibility for match officials, etc.?
A: The coverage provides legal defense should a referee or administrator be sued by a player in event of a player injury. Referees/Officials are insured under the General Liability policy.

Q: What are the ramifications if I decide not to register my club and its players with USA Rugby?
A: If a club decides not to register, then they do not have any insurance through USA Rugby. It will be difficult or impossible for a facility to allow you to hold a competition or practice, as they generally require proof of insurance. Additionally, the individual members of the club can be held personally liable for any damage to the field for injuries players may sustain as a result of their participation.
Q: What if my club is registered, but I find out the opposing club or its players are not?
A: USA Rugby advises you not to compete in any match against non registered opponents. You should notify your Local Area and Territorial Union officials and contact the Club official to find out why they are not registered. If the LAU or TU do not support your decision not to play the match, you should contact the USA Rugby National Office. If you play
the match and the opposing club is not registered with USA Rugby, you could forfeit coverage for your club.

Q: How do I know if the opposing club and its players are registered with USA Rugby, and how do I check on my own club.
A: The USA Rugby website www.usa.rugby has a section dedicated to membership. You can search for clubs and their rosters on the site under “Club Rosters”. You should print out the club’s public roster from the website and take it with you to the field to check against the other club’s match roster. If any players do not appear on the registered list, they should not play without further documentation. If any of your own players fail to appear, you can register them instantly online.

Q: If I’m injured while playing rugby, can I file a claim with this insurance to pay my medical bills?
A: No. This is not a medical insurance policy. This is not an excess medical policy. The general liability insurance policy provides 3rd party liability insurance. Its coverage is very similar to liability insurance coverage for your automobile. It covers you if you hurt someone else while playing rugby, such as a spectator or visitor and it covers any incidental (but not intentional) property damage caused by you or your club during an event. It does not cover player versus player injuries. The USA Rugby Zurich Accident Insurance policy does cover health related accidents. To find out more about your USA Rugby Zurich accident insurance go to www.usa.rugby and click on the “Insurance” tab and then the “Accident Insurance” tab.

Q: What if someone causes an injury while playing for an USA Rugby registered club, but is not registered themselves? Will the club’s insurance cover them even if it is a USA Rugby sanctioned event?
A: No. Liability insurance coverage is limited to only those persons who are registered with USA Rugby.
Please allow 3 to 4 business days to process any certificate of insurance!