About Geographic Unions

Effective with the opening of the 2011-2012 Competitive Season, the USA Rugby Board named four Geographic Unions (GUs) as part of a pilot program to review a new streamlined union structure to support anticipated growth in the game and to provide increased member services in the local areas.
Geographic Unions (larger than typical Local Area Unions and smaller than current Territorial Unions) are defined based upon a combination of club density in an area and natural geographical boundaries. A GU may be a single state, multiple states, or parts of a large state.
The templates for GU organizational structure, financial models and bylaws were developed over a two-year period by a committee commissioned by former CEO Nigel Melville to research the best models from existing LAUs and TUs, other rugby-playing nations, and other national governing bodies (NGBs).
At the January 2013 USA Rugby Congress meeting it was approved that the GU structure would no longer be considered a pilot program and would be fully adopted as the local governance model for Club Rugby moving forward.
The TU/LAU Review Committee is made up of members from around the country: John Coppinger (Pacific); George Durocher (Mid-Atlantic); Martin Gardner (South); Jeremiah Johnson (Midwest); Danita Knox (South/Committee Chair); Bill Middleton (USAR Board of Directors); Joe Olzaki (New England); Bill Sexton (West); Steve Vent (Southern California).

Geographic Unions (GUs)

Union President Contact
Capital Matthew Robinette matthewrobinette55@gmail.com
Carolinas Robert Bortins rbortins@gmail.com
Eastern Pennsylvania Bryan Dewease bdewease@gmail.com
Empire Ken Pape ken@monmouthrugbyclub.com
Florida Kerri O’Malley kerri.a.omalley@gmail.com
Mid-America Sean Cox scotchcox@yahoo.com
Midwest (TU) Al Lucas albertlucasv@hotmail.com
New England Lori Staples president@nerfu.org
Northern California Rick Humm rickhumm@gmail.com
Pacific Northwest Jill Williamson jillwill01@yahoo.com
Rocky Mountain Erik Geib erik.v.geib@gmail.com
Southern California Geno Mazza president@scrfu.org
Southwest (Arizona & Rio Grande) Pieter Hugo therugbyone@yahoo.com
Texas Kirk Tate president@texasrugbyunion.com
True South Peter Steyn petersteyn@msn.com

Local Area Unions (LAUs), & Associate Unions (AUs)

Union President Contact
Alaska – Associate Union David Delozier delozierd@yahoo.com
Utah – Associate Union Ken Rivera ken.rivera@rugbyutah.com
Hawaii – Associate Union Tapu Tupou 77northstar@gmail.com
Georgia – Associate Union Minchul Cho minchul.cho@gmail.com
Organizations within the Midwest Al Lucas albertlucasv@hotmail.com
Allegheny LAU (Midwest) David Ballarotto david.ballarotto@verizon.net
Chicago Area LAU (Midwest) Lou Raymond lou@woodsmenrugby.com
Illinois LAU (Midwest) Shawn McKinney MTRNews@gmail.com
Indiana LAU (Midwest) Clarissa Harris charrispresirfu@gmail.com
Iowa LAU (Midwest) Nick Hereen nheeren@gmail.com
Michigan LAU (Midwest) Jeremy Mantei mantei.jeremy@gmail.com
Minnesota LAU (Midwest) Becky Reynolds beckyrenea@gmail.com
Ohio LAU (Midwest) Brendan O’Connor bto@oconnorbros.com
Wisconsin LAU (Midwest) Todd Prochniak president@wisconsinrfu.org

USA Club Rugby Map - Unions and CRs (1)

*Implies a union is still an LAU or AU, and not a GU; The Midwest is also still a Territorial Union
Regions without GU/TU designation are targeted for GU implementation as quickly as is feasible.

Applying to Become a Geographic Union

USA Rugby is pleased to announce the opportunity to submit an application to become a Geographic Union (GU). At this time, you may submit an application to form a GU.
Submitting an application does not cause recognition of GU. The Geographic Union Committee will thoroughly review each application to help in the formation of viable GUs.

Geographic Union Resources

More Information About Geographic Unions

For more information about GU’s or if you have further questions please direct them to Kurt Weaver.