American Rugby Model

The objectives of USA Rugby are to improve the international success of all US teams (age groups, 15’s, 7’s, Olympics, World Cup, and World Series) and to increase participation in rugby in the US at all levels.  The American Rugby Model (ARM) is an integrated strategic sport development system, which aligns the major components of the Long-Term Development Model with the organizational and competitive structure of rugby and sports participation in the US. 


The Focus                                      

It is the Players that are at the core, and the heart of USA Rugby.  All the other stakeholders, services, programs, features are important but are secondary to being “player focused”.  Success requires extraordinary commitment, fueled by passion, born of love for the game.   The well being, development, and support of the players is paramount to rugby in the US being successful, both in participation and in competition. USA Rugby will not compromise the well being of the players for ANY reason. 


The Strategy

Protect our Players and Coaches

Mandatory Requirements for all registered coaches:

  • Background check
  • Rugby Fundamentals and Laws
  • Sexual abuse and molestation education
  • First Responder Training
  • Concussion prevention and management training
  • Ethics and sportsmanship education
  • Harassment and bullying education

Background check and all mandatory training requirements included in annual USA Rugby Coach Membership Fee

Top-level education partners:

  • USOC
  • IRB
  • NFHS
  • ASEP
  • CDC

Grow our Coaches and Volunteers

  • Clear Path Development and Certification Pipeline
  • Multiple coach certification entry points and equivalents
  • Best training from the US and around the world
  • No repetition just progressive education and professional development
  • Scope of curriculum based with National Standards for Sport Coaches
  • Brand and recruiting strategy based on the top level of coach development and player protection in the USA

Prepare for Victory

  • Elite Performance Model – Best Practices
  • Rigid Requirements for advancement to top levels
  • International rugby, coaching and sport science experts at Annual national Rugby Coaches Academy
  • Coach Development Network to support coaching expertise