Training And Education Courses Set Eagles Up For Future Opportunities

While in residency, the Men’s Sevens took part in T&E career development opportunities offered in conjunction with USA Rugby’s CARE Program
In the fall of 2018, USA Rugby and the US Rugby Players Association announced its Career Advancement, Rugby Enhancement (CARE) Program. This program is designed to prepare current Eagles for careers after playing by connecting them to internships and career development opportunities. Recently the Men’s Sevens were able to take part in some career development opportunities during ‘Education Week’ while at residency.
“This week brings in the coaching component a bit more,” says Scott Novack, Men’s Sevens Program Operations Manager. “There are many players who currently coach in some capacity (either youth or high school teams); and some who think it could be a possible career option after playing.”
“It is the intention behind the CARE program to give players that desire this type of training and education, the opportunity to get it,” Novack added.
Luckily, athletes did not need to disrupt their regular training schedule to take part in the courses. Kenny Forehand, the Training & Education Director, and his team met the players where they were to conduct the sessions.
“In the morning, we had a regular training session. Afterward, players had the option to attend the specific modules they were hoping to complete. Trainging and Education courses available this week was a strength and conditioning course, a level 200 coaching course, and a level 300 coaching course.”
“It was great to work with the group as they approached the courses in a very professional manner and we were able to design some of the training to their particular situations,” Forehand noted.
“The players accepted the challenges we put out there for them including information on how to deal with referees. Jamie McGregor presented a session on how to communicate better with referees and how to train captains to do it also,” Forehand continued.
Novack added that these courses not only aid each athlete for life after playing but also aids them while they play.
“It ties into our current program anyways,” Novack noted. “Education like this helps our players learn the nuances of coaching and provides them with a better understand of what Mike Friday, Jon Hood, and Brian Green do,” Novack added.
“The Training and Education component of the CARE programs really gets into the rugby development part. For our players that haven’t coached before, they can be introduced to it, and those who have coached before can further advance themselves.”
“Because of this, education week – in conjunction with the CARE program – is a great opportunity and experience that truly gives the athletes enthusiasm for what they want to do beyond their playing career,” added Novack.
“All in all a very positive week of training and we look forward to working with the other athletes in the coming months,” Forehand concluded.
All Eagles have the option to take part in the CARE program and will have a similar ‘education week’ opportunities at a time that is appropriate for their seasons’ schedule. For more information about the CARE program, Click Here
Interested in providing internships and career development opportunities to a National Team Athlete? Fill out the CARE program application or Contact Yvonne Parkhurst, USA Rugby High-Performance Team Services Manager directly via email or by phone 303.539.0300 x138.