The Ins and Outs of Hosting a USA Rugby Training and Education Course

Come April, Irene Lee from New York will play a role in the development of rugby across the county. Lee is one of 85 individuals who have scheduled to host a USA Rugby Education Course this year on topics ranging from medical training to coaching. Thanks to the USA Rugby Training and Education platform, hosting a course has never been easier. 

Irene Lee works at MOTION Sports Medicine as the Director of Clinical Education and Mentorship. When she heard about the opportunity to bring a USA Rugby course to her audience, she said it was a no brainer. 

“We have a really healthy rugby population in our area. After attending a USA Rugby course in Houston, I thought to myself ‘Why are we not hosting a course where we are?'”, Lee said leading into why she chose to host a course.

Lee opted to host the First Aid in Rugby instructional course which will educate participants on the application of first aid as it applies to rugby. She chose this course because it fit in the interests of the audience which she already serves, and is a topic she felt was important to be well informed on. 

“Continuation education courses help build skills and confidence on topics we may not be well versed in already. You really cannot have enough tools in your belt.” Lee explained.

The process of hosting a course is rather simple. Interested parties are encouraged first to gauge interest in their local community then select a suitable venue. Once the venue is booked USA Rugby requests hosts submit a Clinic Host Application found HERE.

Once confirmed, a USA Rugby Training & Education rep will assign the appropriate educators for the course as well as arrange the educator’s travel needs. Logistics will be sent to the Educator and Host a week before the selected course date. This includes information, if any, needed for attendees.

Lee noted how simple it has been to sign up as a host. She also explained how there is a benefit for everyone involved.  “It not only helps USA Rugby expand the knowledge of rugby through these courses but also helps you as a host site. It is a great way to let your community know about your business, and it is good for networking in general.”
“We are very excited to offer these courses to our constituents, and not just this upcoming one but others in the future,” Lee concluded. Everyone from a novice rugger to the expert is welcome to attend classes. A list of upcoming sessions, including the one hosted by Lee, can be found HERE.

For individuals interested in hosting a USA Rugby Training & Education course there is a variety of topics to choose from:

The Administrative Pathway courses will cover how to run a rugby organization better.  The classes illustrate everything from how to incorporate a retention plan to ensure you comply with national regulations.

These courses are designed to build on the knowledge, understanding and practical application of strength and conditioning. This includes topics such as Long Term Player Development Pathway, Functional screening, Principles of training, recovery and more.


The Medical Pathway will provide education to make the game safer for all involved and is intended not only for match day medical but also for coaches and team personnel to ensure basic safety practices are being followed. 

These courses prepare and aid referee and match officials to make the game safer and more enjoyable for those involved. This pathway also helps an athlete learn the ins and outs of laws to facilitate the game.

The coaching courses are for individuals interested in becoming a Rugby Coach. This pathway to becoming a certified coach starts with the most basic version of how to coach athletes safely to a more advanced version which further divulges into different coaching philosophies and mythology.

In addition to the standard courses described above, a host can add a supplemental component which includes lessons on defensive strategies, scrum sessions, and others. Furthermore, courses can be conducted in other languages, including Spanish.

Talk to a Training and Education Representative at,, about incentives, cost requirements and supplementary options to hosting a USA Rugby Course. Or visit, Training and Education Pathways website for more information.