SafeSport Updated Policies: Local Travel

SafeSport has released four updated policies relating to how minors and adults are set to interact. The four updated polices cover a host of topics including local and team travel, one-on-one interactions, and massages and rubdowns. Over the coming weeks USA Rugby will release information surrounding each policy update. Here is the third of four.

The policy updates on “massages and rubdowns” and ” One-On-One Interactions” are available online. 

Local Travel:

Travel is an inevitable part of any athlete’s experience. The most common type of travel is local. Local Travel is seen as,  going to and from any: training, practice and competition that occurs  and does not require coordinated overnight stay(s).


This policy applies to: Adult members who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors; adults authorized by USA Rugby or a USA Rugby member organization to have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor; and staff or board members of USA Rugby or a USA Rugby member organization (collectively, participating adults). 


USA Rugby, as policy, does not arrange for local travel to occur. When local travel does occur, the participating adults who are not acting as a legal guardian, are prohibited from traveling alone with an unrelated athlete who is a minor. They must also ensure that there are at least two other athletes or another adult present at all times. The exception to this stipulation is in emergency circumstances, or if the minor athlete’s legal guardians have provided written consent in advance of each local travel.  

In terms of traveling via carpool, parents/legal guardians are encouraged to pick up their minor athlete first and drop off their athlete last. 

It is also recommended that parents/legal guardians educate themselves concerning child abuse prevention before consenting to their minor athlete to travel alone with a participating adult.

For More information on SafeSport and their policies click here.