USA Rugby unveils #EaglesUnited as official unified hashtag

LAFAYETTE, CO. – Following an inclusive voting process that incorporated fans, athletes and staff of the organization, USA Rugby has today unveiled #EaglesUnited as its official unified hashtag.

With three options presented after a period of conceptualization, #EaglesUnited emerged as the majority choice with 47 percent of respondents selecting it as their favorite. Votes for the runner-up, #EaglesRise accounted for 35 percent of total respondents with the final 18 percent going to #EagleTerritory.

The phrase “Eagles United” has been used previously by the union, making it a familiar choice aimed to spread a message of cohesion and togetherness for the community to embrace.

Incorporating the word Eagle to signify the union’s nickname, the new hashtag emphasizes the mark of all senior national teams. And, paired with the word united, the wording demonstrates that all those connected with the national team as future players, staff or fans are banded as one.

Athletes and national office staff who selected #EaglesUnited described how the words had a “strong meaning” which promotes “standing together” as ambassadors of the sport.

Others praised the word united; noting how it supports building a culture of unity, making the game and those who follow it stronger as a unit.

Many also commented on how the two-word phrase is simple and easy to follow — a key factor in determining which of many brainstormed options would make the final cut.

Overall, a multitude of phrases were measured against five specific criteria set to identify a hashtag that clearly depicts the values rugby represents. Equally, the criteria established helped guide the creative process so the final options presented for voting could be simple, relatable and unique to USA Rugby.

As all four senior national teams head into crucial parts of the year with Olympic and World Cup competition on the horizon, fans are encouraged to use #EaglesUnited across digital and social media alongside USA Rugby.

Regardless of competition level, region or team; tagging #EaglesUnited with posted content exemplifies American rugby at its core and shares each story with the greater community.

For more information on the selection criteria for the official unified hashtag for USA Rugby, click here.

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