Atlantic North Recap: Plenty of Scoring Despite Poor Weather

Elite Cup:

As the 2018 ARP champions, Old Blue travelled to Chicago to take on the Chicago Lions in the reincarnation of the Elite Cup, where they won 38-29. Despite conceding the first points of the match, Old Blue got back on track, piling 33 unanswered points on the Lions in 30 minutes. Heading into half time Old Blue was leading 33-3. Chicago out played Old Blue in the second half beating them 26-5, but it was too little too late and Old Blue were crowned the Elite Cup champions in 2018.

Women’s Division I:

In a double header this weekend, Boston took on Albany and Northern Virginia took on Philadelphia.  Boston showed their strength against Albany as they cruised to a 63-7 victory.  Strong offense and an even stronger defense led Boston to their win.  In the other division I matchup, unfortunately the game got rained out. 

Men’s Division II:

Starting things off in the Men’s division II table,  in the Empire New Jersey division, Monmouth edged out a close one against the Bayonne Bombers 22-17. 

In the Empire New York division, New York Rugby defeated Lansdowne 41-7.  In another lopsided affair, the Fairfield Yankees defeated the Village Lions 45-7. 

In the final matchups of the Great Lakes division, the Pittsburgh Forge defeated the Syracuse Chargers 57-10.  In a one sided matchup, the Cleveland Crusaders defeated South Buffalo 83-0.

Moving over to the New England division, The Boston Irish Wolfhounds defeated Worcester 21-7.  In a closely contested match, Mystic River squeezed past Newport 35-32.  Boston defeated Portland 26-10.  Hartford took care of business against Amoskeag 36-17.  In a rainy affair, South Shore defeated Albany 36-7. 

Women’s Division II: 

To start, in the Empire Women’s division, the Village Lions won by way of forfeit to Suffolk 28-0.  The Danbury Mad Hatters defeated the Fairfield Yankees 34-10. 

In the New England division, Hartford downed Amoskeag 34-0.  In a very close affair, Providence found some inner-strength to hold and secure a 7-5 victory over Portland.  In a much different matchup, Worcester sizably beat Burlington 61-5.

Men’s Division III: 
In the New York City division, Rockaway defeated Old Maroon 26-5.  The Gotham Knights held on to a very close one edging past Brooklyn Rugby, 29-28. 

In the New York/Connecticut division, Fairfield fell to their rivals Danbury, 71-0.  In the other matchup Greenwich rugby defeated Saratoga, 31-17. 

In the upstate division, Buffalo defeated Ken-ton 31-5.  The Rochester Aardvarks won sizeably against Binghamton 52-19. 

Rounding things up in the New England division, MIT hung on for a hard fought victory over the Springfield Rifles, 12-7.  Old Gold narrowly defeated the Upper Valley Mountain Men 19-7. Burlington took down New London County, 43-26.  North Shore managed to hold on and secure a victory over Charles River, 12-7. Mad River/Stowe defeated Freedom sizably, 55-0. Providence defeated Boston Maccabi 30-0.