Pacific North Recap: Divisional Powerhouses Solidifying

Pacific Northwest Women’s Division II
A tough home stand for Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) D2, as they hosted a hungry Tacoma Sirens side.  Both sides looked strong as the game began, with the first points coming almost midway through the half.  Tacoma lead 0-12 when they were slapped with a yellow card, but ORSU was unable to cash in on the opportunity and the score remained.  Tacoma would bounce back from the yellow card, and the Sirens swam their way to a 0-34 victory.  Chuckanut Bay Geoducks also had a home match against Budd Bay Bandits.  Budd Bay came to play and put up 12 quick points.  Chuckanut dug their heels in and made it a competition bringing the score to 14-17 at the half.  The second half began much like the first, with Budd Bay swinging first.  Chuckanut would again bolster its offense late in the game coming to within 2 points and pushing hard for the come-from-behind win, but The bandits would score another try in the final minute and steal the win 29-36, giving the Geoducks their first loss.  Emerald city Mudhens looked to remain on the top as they hosted the Portland Pigs.  The Eudhens effortlessly scored quickly and often, blanking the pigs 85-0, definitely flexing their divisional muscles and putting on a clinic.  Another home team looked to make a statement after a tough road loss, and Boise United made that statement loud and clear against Eugene Reign.  It seems everyone wanted to score in the 102-0 decimation of Eugene, with more than half of those points put up in the first half alone.

Pacific Northwest Men’s Division II
Another team looking to make a statement, the Eastside Tsunami told the division that the early season loss was just a fluke as they ran downhill against Chuckanut Bay Geoducks.  The Geoducks couldn’t find any answer to stay afloat.  Eastside gained a couple yellow cards late in the match, but Chuckanut failed to capitalize and remained scoreless 0-91.  Tacoma Nomads wandered down to the unbeaten ORSU and put up a good fight for 2 minutes, as the score was slightly in Tacoma’s favor, 5-7.  ORSU collected themselves and floored the accelerator, racing to a 37-7 lead at the half.  ORSU continued to capitalize on Tacoma miscues and remained undefeated, 57-7.

Pacific Northwest Men’s Division III/ IV
Kitsap Renegades were looking for their first win as they hosted the number one Clark County Chiefs.  Clark county came out strong as they put up 25 unanswered 1st half points, 5-25.  The second half was a carbon copy of the first, despite a Clark County yellow card, as the Chiefs marched their way to a 12-55 win, remaining at the top of the division.  Battleground Bulls travelled to Eastside Axemen, with their best chance so far for a victory.  Eastside would show no mercy, as their offense proved too strong for the stingy Bull defense, 27-7 at the half.  Battleground showed resilience, though and tightened up slightly in the second half, but Eastside’s variety of weapons found their marks winning 55-21.