College Management Council and College Congress Representative Nominations Now Open

Nominations for College representatives to USA Rugby’s Congress and Collegiate Management Council (CMC) have been opened to fill positions in each respective representative body. From September 28 to October 12 nominations for the following positions will be accepted.

Collegiate Management Council USA Rugby Congress – College
Southwest-Region II Pacific/Northwest- Region I
West-Region IV Midwest-Region V
Midwest-Region V Mid-Atlantic- Region VIII
South- Region VIII

For a full list of conferences within each region click here. 

The nominations and elections processes timelines are as follows: 

 i)    September 28-October 12: Nominations windows open

ii) October 19: Biographies and background information by each candidate in the competitive region are entrusted to conference commissioners within said region

iii) October 20: Conference commissioners distribute biographies of candidates to the teams in their conference to vote.

iv) November 2: Team voting window closes. Conference Commissioner determines the candidate of choice for the conference

v)   November 7: Votes are returned by conference commissioners to the USA Rugby’s Director of College rugby.

vi) November 9: The nominees receiving the most votes will be announced and begin serving.

Each of the positions serves a two-year term.

Collegiate Management Council Description:
The ideal candidates will have a solid foundation and understanding of the current state of USA College Rugby, sincere interest in the game both regionally and nationally, demonstrated leadership in college rugby as a player, coach or administrator, willingness to work across all divisions of play.

Members of the CMC are expected to fulfill a variety of duties including:

·   Direct strategy for USA College Rugby

·   Meet frequently via teleconference to discuss and review issues

·   Implement policy that directly impact college rugby

·   Develop rules and regulation for operating the college division

For a complete description of the duties (Terms of Reference) and qualifications required of a CMC member click here.

Congress Representative Description:
The ideal candidates will be those who have a strong knowledge of the college landscape, interest in their region and growing the game nationally, ability to work across all levels of the college game to name a few.

Members of congress are expected to fulfill a variety of duties including:
·   review the actions taken by the Board of Directors and report it their constituents,

·   elect and ratify certain directors of the corporation (USA Rugby),

·   approve amendments and approve all fundamental change transactions not in ordinary course of business

·   approve member dues structure

For a complete description of the duties and qualifications required of a congress representative click here.