Frontier Region Sees Plenty of Offense Over the Weekend

Women’s Division I: 

Rocky Mountain:
The only game to be played in the Women’s Division I was the, Glendale Merlins taking on Black Ice. It turned into a pretty one-sided affair, with the Merlins keeping their traction and knocking Black Ice off, 43-12. The Merlins spark came from their wing, Courtney Jessamy, who dotted down two tries on the day.

Men’s Division II:

Rocky Mountain Men’s Premiership: 
Last year’s Men’s Division II National Champions, the Denver Barbarians picked up where they ended last year, with a dominant 49-21 performance over the Denver Highlanders. With the Barbarians missing a few pieces from the championship side they have made it clear they won’t be missing a beat. 

Elsewhere in Colorado, Boulder dispatched the Denver Harlequins with ease, 62-12. Boulder scored 36 points in the first half and were able to ride out their win from there. 

Men’s Division III:

Rocky Mountain Championship:
Northern Colorado Flamingos made the trip down the I-20 to take on the Colorado Springs Grizzlies, the trip was worth it as the Flamingos took down the Grizzles, 44-31. Led by Gabe McCabe, who scored a double, the Flamingos were in control of the game from the outset. 

Queen City Rams took down the Littleton Eagles in impressive fashion, 42-21. Scott Trench Scored 22 points for the Rams on their way to victory. 

Frontier Men’s Division IV

Marauders Rugby were able to move by the Colorado Rush with relative ease, 40-24. The Rush opened the scoring but were not able to capitalize on early momentum and moved behind Marauders when they scored 21 unanswered points. The Rush attempted to claw back, but were unable to ever recapture the lead. 

The Denver Barbarians D4 side played a closer game against the Denver Highlanders D4 squad, but ultimately it was the same result as in the two clubs division II match up. The Barbarians getting the better of the Highlanders, 29-19.