USA Rugby Releases Player Safety Video Series

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – In a continued effort to promote player safety, USA Rugby will be releasing a series of videos aimed at educating all persons involved from the grassroots to national level. The developed curriculum revolves around how to play the game in a safe and positive fashion. This project was spawned from USA Rugby’s desire to embed itself further into player welfare and the digital age; providing those who follow the game, a more accessible resource to inform themselves on best practices.
The goal in creating the series is to supply high-level instruction through a platform that is easily accessible by the rugby community. Distributing the curriculum through digital media allows visual education on safe play to be consumed at an exponential level.
This series will have breadth and depth within its content, providing two elements of education with instructional demonstration and key role player testimonials. USA Rugby hopes to achieve a holistic approach in upholding a welcoming and safe sport.
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Throughout the coming weeks, the rugby community can expect demonstrated safety tutorials and recommendations for each part of the game. The list of selected areas includes on-field scenarios with a potential risk of injury. The list includes Scrums, Rucks, Mauls, Lineouts, and Tackles. Each video, led by top coaches and referees, will demonstrate high-level performance with frame-by-frame instruction according to safe and correct key factors.
The second segment of the series looks toward key role players, rather than play on the field. Here, persons in the sport will encourage each other to promote accountability in upholding standards. Individuals will recount how each community member can support the game and how safe rugby is a communal responsibility.
All information presented is readily available through USA Rugby Training and Education offerings; however, USA Rugby wanted to produce such videos in a format more learner-friendly and visually engaging than the written word. In an attempt to not only assist current athletesathletes play smarter and safer, but to also introduce new players to a consciously safe game.
USA Rugby is dedicated to being at the forefront of player welfare and making the game of rugby as accessible as possible.