Committee investigating Robert Paylor's injury to produce key findings, summary report

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – It has been almost three months since early May when Cal Bear, Robert Paylor, was severely injured in a match. Having suffered a spinal cord injury in a maul during open play, USA Rugby tasked an investigatory committee comprised of a diverse group of sport specific professionals to review the incident.

The report, due out next week, will provide a thorough analysis of the incident from a detailed breakdown of the events leading up to, during and after the injury. CEO Dan Payne said, “When it comes to player welfare and safety we can’t be too detailed or scrutinize too much on ways to protect our athletes and the ethos of our beloved game. We owe Robert, his family, all involved, and rugby players everywhere – current and future – a thorough look into the incident, while making sure we report the findings and have clear action items moving forward.”

Paylor has been spending time in Colorado’s Craig Hospital, a leader in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. During this time he has been making great progress.

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To support Paylor’s recovery, friends, family and teammates have set up a GoFundMe campaign that is nearly three quarters of the way to their goal of $1 million.

“The rugby community knows how to take care of their own,” said Payne. “The fortitude, energy and can do attitude Robert is attacking his recovery with is, both, inspiring and humbling to me. He’s 90 days post injury and, really, only 60 days into his active recovery and training efforts after battling through some setbacks the first 30 days. Inspiring isn’t strong enough of a word.”