Player pool announced for Women's Rugby World Cup 2017

UPDATE | February 22

Brigham Young University’s Rebekah Hebdon has been added to the USA Eagles’ Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 player pool.

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – The USA Women’s Eagles coaching staff has identified 44 athletes for its Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 player pool.

Head Coach Pete Steinberg has used the shortened “quadrennial” between the 2014 World Cup in France and this August’s tournament in Ireland to build a squad that is both young and experienced, awarding more than a dozen new caps in that timeframe in just eight international test matches. The final World Cup squad of 27 players will be finalized following a two-match international test series this spring along with several domestic competitions.

“As a program over the past five or six years, we’ve really tried to push international competitions because we don’t play enough,” Steinberg said. “We don’t have an international calendar that gives us five or six games a year, so we basically blooded a bunch of new caps in 2015 – players that now have seven or eight or nine test matches under their belts.

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“We’ve realized, for us to be able to compete, we need to really improve our skills. Our focus isn’t going to be as much about playing games as it is to put as many people as possible in a full-time training environment to enhance our skill development.”

Ten current Women’s Eagles Sevens pool players training full-time at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center – including four Olympians and two reserves of Team USA’s Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games team – have been included in the greater list, and will eventually be joined by others in southern California as the year progresses. Sevens Head Coach Richie Walker has also been named as backs coach for the World Cup team.

“The residency program is an integrated program; we have a couple of XVs training sessions each week and all of the sevens athletes participate in those,” Steinberg said. “All of our identified pool players in San Diego train a few times a week there to prepare. Our goal is to create a virtual-like Training Center for those that aren’t in the area until we can assemble.”

Five capped Eagles with 2016 Women’s Premier League Champions San Diego Surfers are among that group of local athletes, while a further 10 players that competed in the WPL last year have been named in the pool. Four collegiate student-athletes, two of which have been capped at the senior level in either XVs or sevens, and 13 domestic-based club or National Development Academy players earned consideration for the eighth World Cup with their commitment to the national teams and performances at the National All-Star Competitions.

While there are 10 uncapped players in the pool, there are 10 World Cup veterans, as well. U.S. captain in Paris in 2014, Kate Daley is one of seven returners from the team that finished sixth. Phaidra Knight is the most-capped Eagle in the pool with 34 international appearances, followed by fellow 2010 World Cup selections Stacey Bridges (27) and Kristin Zdanczewicz (31). Olympic captain Kelly Griffin has not yet been capped in XVs, but is the U.S.’s most experienced sevens player.

“We recognize the World Cup is a different experience,” Steinberg said. “It’s a month; the longest trip we ever take in a quadrennial. It’s high-pressure, and experience is important. We have a young team, the sevens team is young, and this is an exciting time for USA Rugby.

“None of these players received invitations because of their experience, but because they demonstrated at the NASC to be one of the best players in their positions. However, it is nice to have some experience that can have a calm head when, all around them, things are going crazy.”

Seventeen athletes will be younger than 26 years of age by the time the World Cup kicks off in Dublin, with an average age of 27 for the greater pool. Seven of those – and a total of 23 athletes – played in one or both of the Women’s Rugby Super Series events in Alberta (2015) and Salt Lake City (2016), where the Eagles played teams ranked Nos. 1 through 4 in the world.

Sixteen members of the November Tour to France had played in the Super Series, showcasing the continuity through the short break between World Cups the Eagles have instituted. The NASC has also allowed for national team staff through the age-grade programs to the senior teams to test a high number of athletes in a high-pressure environment, ensuring performances more closely reflect expectations on the international stage.

“What I’ve been really happy about that’s happened this cycle and that gives me most confidence is the fact our NASCs have allowed us to actually select the best players that have competed,” Steinberg said. “I’m confident all of the players we’ve selected have demonstrated not only the ability, but the commitment to play at a high level.”

Players currently recovering from injury may be added to the Women’s Eagles Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 player pool if/when they become available. More information regarding the Eagles’ 2017 competition calendar will be announced at a later date.

USA Women’s Eagles | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 Player Pool

Name Club/School
Baylee Annis Seattle Saracens [su_stats cms=”945″ class=”icon”]
Kathryn Augustyn Berkeley All Blues [su_stats cms=”644″ class=”icon”]
Catherine Benson Life West [su_stats cms=”773″ class=”icon”]
Sylvia Braaten Twin Cities Amazons [su_stats cms=”646″ class=”icon”]
Stacey Bridges Twin Cities Amazons [su_stats cms=”646″ class=”icon”]
Nicole Burr Augusta Women’s RFC [su_stats cms=”684″ class=”icon”]
Kayla Canett Pennsylvania State University [su_stats cms=”753″ class=”icon”]
Ryan Carlyle Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Sarah Chobot Glendale Raptors [su_stats cms=”642″ class=”icon”]
Kate Daley New York Rugby Club [su_stats cms=”647″ class=”icon”]
Cheta Emba Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Joanne Fa’avesi Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Tiffany Faaee New York Rugby Club [su_stats cms=”647″ class=”icon”]
Tess Feury Pennsylvania State University [su_stats cms=”753″ class=”icon”]
Megan Foster Life West [su_stats cms=”773″ class=”icon”]
Jordan Gray Life West [su_stats cms=”773″ class=”icon”]
Hunter Griendling San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Kelly Griffin Unattached
Abby Gustaitis Northern Virginia Rugby [su_stats cms=”490″ class=”icon”]
Nicole Heavirland Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Rebekah Hebdon Brigham Young University [su_stats cms=”971″ class=”icon”]
Alev Kelter Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Molly Kinsella San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Joanna Kitlinski Glendale Raptors [su_stats cms=”642″ class=”icon”]
Phaidra Knight New York Rugby Club [su_stats cms=”647″ class=”icon”]
Bulou Mataitoga Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Samantha Pankey San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Sara Parsons Northern Virginia Rugby [su_stats cms=”490″ class=”icon”]
Annakaren Pedraza Lindenwood University [su_stats cms=”1016″ class=”icon”]
Ashley Perry American Rugby Pro Training Center [su_stats cms=”1043″ class=”icon”]
Christiane Pheil Chicago North Shore [su_stats cms=”469″ class=”icon”]
Naima Reddick Seattle Saracens [su_stats cms=”945″ class=”icon”]
Jamila Reinhardt San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Hope Rogers San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Kimber Rozier Scion Sirens [su_stats cms=”1047″ class=”icon”]
Nicole Snyder Bloomsburg University [su_stats cms=”1891″ class=”icon”]
Kristine Sommer Seattle Saracens [su_stats cms=”945″ class=”icon”]
Kelsi Stockert Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Nicole Strasko Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Naya Tapper Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Kristen Thomas Women’s Eagles Sevens [su_usa class=”icon”]
Alycia Washington New York Rugby Club [su_stats cms=”647″ class=”icon”]
Jess Wooden Aylesford Rugby Club [su_flag country=”en”]
Kate Zackary San Diego Surfers [su_stats cms=”643″ class=”icon”]
Kristin Zdanczewicz Minnesota Valkyries [su_stats cms=”468″ class=”icon”]

USA Women’s Eagles | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 Coaching Staff

Pete Steinberg – Head Coach

Roshna Wunderlich – Manager

Richard Ashfield – Assistant Coach

Peter Baggetta – Associate Head Coach

Liz Kirk – Assistant Coach

Richie Walker – Assistant Coach

USA Women’s Eagles | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017

v. Italy – Wednesday, Aug. 9 @ 11:30 a.m. ET

v. Spain – Sunday, Aug. 13 @ 9:45 a.m. ET

v. England – Thursday, Aug. 17 @ 9:30 a.m. ET