Thorne, USA Rugby announce Health and Wellness hub

Thorne, USA Rugby’s nutritional supplement partner, has today announced its comprehensive health and wellness educational program for the development and curation of educational information that will facilitate athlete understanding of how to best maintain health and wellness for themselves and their extended families.

Thorne will be contributing the content for these audiences, working directly with coaches, medical staff, sports dieticians and the Mayo clinic for input and expert opinion. Thorne and Mayo will also be collaborating on numerous research studies to further the clinical knowledge base on elite performance of athletes.

“Our goal is to elevate player health, safety and performance through cutting edge research, comprehensive health and wellness education, and affordable nutritional supplement product solutions. There is valuable information available regarding what athletes should eat, what supplements to take, and just general questions about how to support their health – we are committed to answering those questions with research driven, yet accessible education,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne.

The health and wellness hubs that will house the content will live on USA Rugby’s website so they are easily accessible for the 120,000-member strong base. The educational information will also be featured on in its blog (

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“Our members’ best interests are always at the forefront of our priorities,” USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer Dan Payne said. “This partnership with Thorne is an important step in ensuring our members have access to the educational and nutritional information necessary to live a long, healthy life playing rugby.”

Importantly, once on, USA Rugby members and their extended families will receive a significant product discount when purchasing products on the site, and a portion of the proceeds go back to USA Rugby.