USA Rugby Referees' 2015 High Performance Camps

USA Rugby Referees’ High Performance Group has announced the attendees for three high performance referee camps being held this summer and fall. The goal of these camps is to provide referees the tools to develop into High Performance referees in the near future.

“Our referee zone managers, Mike Cobb and Marc Nelson, maintain comprehensive lists of all present, future, and probable High Performance referees,” USA Rugby High Performance Referee Manager Richard Every said. “This ensures that the most promising officials are attending our camps and representing USA Rugby in the future, as referees and possibly as coaches, reviewers, and administrators down the road.”

“We have had multiple high performance referee camps over the last year and a half, and the attendees have shown accelerated development,” Cobb, USA Rugby Eastern Zone referee manager, said. “We are seeing great benefit to the referees and USA Rugby as a whole.”

The upcoming camps will cover a full spectrum to assist HP referee development. The camps build on technical skills, such as the breakdown, set pieces, Laws, etc., guiding referees on how to approach all aspects with a deeper level of understanding. The camps will also include lessons on fitness, recovery, preparation, handling pressure, body language, and how to manage family, work, and rugby.

“The camps are always held in conjunction with international matches,” Nelson, USA Rugby Western Zone referee manager, said. “This allows the participants to be exposed to international referees and the environment of international rugby.”

The selected attendees are:

Sacramento, CA: 7/23-25 USA vs Japan / Fiji vs Samoa
Joshua Pendergrass* Northern California
Lee Bryant Northern California
Tim Lew Northern California
Brett Johnson Pacific North
Carrissa Hsieh * Pacific North
Chad Douglas Pacific North
Michelle O’Brien Pacific North
Nick Cutrell Pacific North
Pat Wickman Pacific North
Chris Huff Rocky Mountain
John Neiss* Southern California
Joey Swatzell* Texas
Philadelphia, PA: 8/28-30 USA vs Harlequins
Gavin McCandless Eastern Penn
Cisco Lopez Florida
Khalil Harrison* Florida
Brad Cole* Mid South
Amelia Luciano New England
Emily Hsieh New England
Clayton Livley* Potomac
Jake Still Potomac
Mike O’Brien* Potomac
Nick Tricarico Rocky Mountain
Dave Edwards Southeast
Brian Kelly Virginia
Chicago, CA: 9/4-6 USA vs Australia
John Stevens CARFU
Matt McCandless Eastern Penn
James Rodriquez Mid South
Enrique Alvarez* Minnesota
Tim Anderson New York
Zack Houston* Ohio
Rick Goldammer* Rocky Mountain
Steve Gore* Rocky Mountain
Evan Kelly Southeast
Wendy Young Texas
Cody Kuxmann Wisconsin
Trevor Williams Wisconsin

*Financed by their LROs